All About NLCS

What is NLCS?

No Limitz Claim Specialists is a group of highly experienced claim specialists who help property owners and contractors with insurance claims on property damage from start to finish. From filing your claim to completed contract work and billing, NLCS is there with each of our clients to take care of their individual needs through the entire process. As Xactimate Estimate Writers for roofing companies, we have written thousands of estimates, increasing our clients’ return on insurance claims to get the amount required to do the job. NLCS is highly experienced with all insurance companies, connected to dozens of contractors and public adjusters. NLCS has an understanding and passionate about helping homeowners get the most return for their damaged property.

Okay, so why should we work with NLCS?

When a homeowner files a claim on damage on their property with their insurance, the process with NLCS can begin. We handle negotiations for claims, write scopes and estimates, and speak with insurance adjusters to get the highest return for homeowners. After estimation is complete, NLCS can help homeowners connect with contractors in order to complete repairs on the property without having to go find contractors on their own. It can be a huge hassle to figure out which contractors can work with your insurance, and bids for contract work, and NLCS can work through that process for you. We also handle final estimates and release of funds for your claim, and do final billing for contract work. From start to finish, NLCS is there to help property owners get their damages taken care of in an efficient, timely, and compassionate manner.

How did NLCS come to be?

Our owner, Mike Phillips, understands the struggle and hassle of working with insurance adjusters, and wanted to find a way to make the process easier, more streamlined, and less stressful for homeowners. Considering that filing insurance claims generally indicates that damage has been done to the home, it is already distressing for the property owner. Mike wanted to alleviate some of that stress by combining a few steps of the process into one. By working with homeowners, insurance, and contractors all at the same time, NLCS makes it possible to handle the process of restoration and release of funds for insurance claims. Having been on the other side of negotiations before, Mike and his team are passionate about getting homeowners the money they need to properly restore their property. He and his team with fight for their clients far beyond the expectations of a typical claim specialist.

How is NLCS different from all those other claim specialists?

Unlike many claim specialists, the actual client experience is extremely important to NLCS. We are understanding and intentional about how we help homeowners move through the process of insurance claims and restoration for your damaged property. We have a higher percentage of return on negotiations for clients at 50% on average, up to 200-300% returns for clients on their properties. Most companies get around $250 per square foot of the property, and NLCS gets $600 on average. We provide knowledge and experience to clients and make the appraisal, negotiations, contract work, and release process seamless, simple, and less stressful for homeowners.

Who We Help

Property Owners:

If you are a property owner working with insurance on a claim, or if you’re working with a contractor on repairs or construction work, you may be wondering how much would be fair compensation for the damages to your property.


If you are new to insurance claim work and not sure how much to bid, or if you just don’t have the time or money to learn the complicated estimating software that most insurance companies use, we can help you.


If you prefer to spend more time inspecting and scoping damages in the field, NLCS can help you. Allow us to write scopes for you.

Thank you for taking some time to learn a little more about us, and don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know how we can help you!