Contractors Prepare for the Storm

With storm season coming up soon on the front range, General Contractors (GCs) and Sub-Contractors (SCs) will want to make sure they’re prepared on personal and professional fronts. We already have a blog uploaded about the essentials for a safe and prepared home, but GCs and SCs must also worry about the business side of keeping up in storm season. As a GC or SC, you will want to:


  • Be aware and knowledgeable about current storm patterns/extreme weather to stay ahead of potential natural disasters
  • Be able to make suggestions to homeowners about storm-proofing or other home improvements BEFORE a disaster occurs to reduce the likelihood of injury or severe damage to homeowners or their property
  • Have ladders and extra tarps on hand to help homeowners in emergencies
  • Make sure your office staff is trained on procedures and is knowledgeable, sensitive, and helpful – homeowners whose houses have been damaged are not generally happy to be giving you a call! Your office staff can make or break a sale in seconds.
  • Train salesmen on how everything works so that they have a real, concrete understanding of the work that you do (regardless of the trade type, your salesmen must be knowledgeable to properly make a sale)
  • Make sure your contracts meet all legal/professional standards for a smooth process for you and for homeowners
  • Have all invoicing and AR/AP organized and ready for customers as soon as you can – nobody likes when contract work is open for months and months, especially following a disaster.
  • Try to keep an awareness that homeowners may be upset following damage to their property, so try to be sensitive when working with them (and remind your salesmen and office staff of this fact, too!)


Hopefully this storm season won’t bring any headaches, and hopefully there will be plenty of work to do without too severe of damage! Thanks for what you do, contractors!