DIY Houses!

For any families with young children, you will already know that a small child’s imagination is absolutely endless. As a parent, you probably want to give your children the opportunity to express their creativity (and get some energy out at the same time!), and making little houses could be exactly what your kids might need to express themselves and be creative. We have a cute DIY for y’all to make a few different types of little cardboard houses for your kiddos to explore and personalize.


You will need:

  • Large boxes
  • Masking tape or packing tape
  • Double-sided tape
  • Box cutter or craft knife
  • Wallpaper or wrapping paper
  • Paint colors of your choosing
  • Hot glue
  • Marker


  1. Tape your box together so that it can stand up without support


  1. Draw your windows and door(s) on the cardboard boxes wherever you choose.


  1. Lay the boxes down and cut out the windows and doors. Be careful not to cut all the way through the other side of the box! To avoid this, lay something between the layers of the box.


  1. Paint any doors or trim on the house


  1. Use double-sided tape to adhere your wallpaper or wrapping paper to the outside of the boxes, making sure to leave windows and doors open


  1. You can use cork sheets or paint swatches as roof tiles, for some extra fun!


This project is simple to make, and you can use the time making the houses to create stories with your children and bolster their imaginations! Good luck crafting, and enjoy your time.